Aside from having a clean vehicle, the car detailing process will also aid in keeping your car in excellent condition, which can help increase the resale value of your car. The challenges you have to face when you shop for an auto detailing service is to find a certain auto detailing company that can cover all the aspects that are required in an auto detailing process.  

As a matter of fact, auto detailing professionals make sure that they only use highly specialized and up to date detailing tools to clean your vehicle and keep it free from road grime and dirt, both for the interior and exterior areas of your vehicle.  In this article, you will be able to know what common services are included in a full auto detailing service. Your car’s paint is a very important and delicate thing and only a reputable auto detailing company can be able to deal with it as well as handle it with care following a three-step process – to clean, protect, and correct the paint surface of your vehicle. 

 The entire cleaning process in an auto detailing service usually consists of washing and drying your vehicle properly in order to remove any buildup of grime and dirt. After the cleaning process, professional auto detailers apply clay bar into the paint surface of your car as it eliminates contaminants that are present in the clear coat like metal particles, dirt, tar as well as industrial fallout. After this process, whenever necessary, the paint of your car will be polished in order to remove any marks of swirl as well as fine scratches prior to sealing by using a wax in order to help it achieve a shiny surface and protect the paint of your car. 

While auto detailing can help clean and maintain the shine of your car’s paint job, we actually suggest that when you are hit by hail or there are damages in your paint job that can’t be repaired by auto detailing processes, then it should be referred to the experts in this field such as a qualified auto hail repair service provider. 

Moving on, during an auto detailing process, the chassis and undercarriage of your vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly together with the rest of your car’s exterior components. This doesn’t only include the components under your car, but it also consists the parts inside your car’s wheel wells as well as around the primary suspension components like control arms as well as anti-roll bars. The inner fender liners and plastic splash guards should also be dressed using a plastic protecting agent.  

In addition to that, the tires and wheels of your vehicle should also be washed deeply prior to dressing it using a protecting agent in order to make sure that the protectant will certainly do it job to protect and luster the exterior surface of your vehicle from cracking and corrosion. A lot of professional detailing services use a polishing compound and they apply it to taillights and headlights that are showing any signs of oxidation.