A therapeutic massage session has basically been used for hundreds of years in order to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension as well as improve overall health. Massage therapies during pregnancy have usually received ambivalent feedbacks from the health community with regards to their purpose and safety. As a matter of fact, modern research and investigation have already shown that massage therapies during pregnancy can be the ingredient in the prenatal care of women and must be given thorough consideration. 

In addition to that, a distinction must be made between the perineal massage and therapeutic prenatal massage, the risk of the first massage therapy referring to the stretching of the tissues which surround the birth canal of the women in order to help decrease the risk of creasing trauma or episiotomy associated with the birth of a child. Even though most massage training schools teach massage therapy for pregnant women, it is best to still find a pregnancy massage Melbourne therapist who’s a professional, experienced and quality massage therapist for pregnant women. Look for a massage company that has well-trained, highly skilled and experienced to work with women who are pregnant however, it is still very essential to ask about the qualifications. 

Research studies indicate that a massage therapy done by a professional during pregnancy can definitely reduce symptoms of depression, improve newborn health and labor outcomes, relieve joint pains and relieve joint pains and muscle aches, reduce symptoms of depression. Having said that, a massage session addresses various needs through different techniques such as the Swedish style of massaging. 

A Swedish massage therapy aims to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and relax muscle tension as well, through soft pressure applied to the muscles of the body. Aside from that, a Swedish massage therapy is the suggested massage technique during pregnancy since it basically addresses a lot of usual discomforts associated with the circulatory and skeletal changes because of the hormonal shifts. 

Hormone Regulation 

Research studies performed in the past ten years have actually shown that the levels of hormones associated with stress and relaxation are altered significantly when a massage session is introduced to the prenatal care of women. This results in improved cardiovascular health and mood regulation. In women who are always receiving massages in just a span of 5 weeks, hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine (hormones associated with stress and mood) were decreased and serotonin as well as dopamine levels are increased (decreased levels of these hormones correlate with depression). These alteration in the levels of hormones also result to fewer instances of complications during birth including low birth weight. 

Reduction of Swelling 

Swelling or sometimes called edema of the joints during pregnancy is usually caused by the decreased blood circulation resulting in the increase in blood pressure on large blood vessels by the loaded uterus. Massage therapy aids to stimulate soft tissues in order to reduce or minimize the accumulation of fluids in joints. Also, this improves the tissue waste removal carried by the lymph system of the body, as well.